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Creating Coaching Mindsets and Conscious Leaders

Making work and life better. We inspire, empower and develop individuals, teams and businesses to be their best and do their best. A win for everyone.

Be Kind – Have Integrity – Build Trust

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Making work and life better for everyone

Our Purpose:

Helping you to think, act and lead more consciously for happier, healthier and more sustainable ways of living and working.

Our Mission:

To inspire, empower and develop others towards a mindset of continuous personal and professional growth.

To stand still is to fall behind

Be the change you want to see in the world

Our Vision:

People show up to themselves, to others and to the situations they face with a coaching mindset - with compassion, empathy and curiosity.

Leaders are role models who deliver results through inclusive, inspiring and conscious leadership.

Workplaces are values led, purpose driven and people centric. 

Personal and professional development is an accessible 'norm' and we all care about making work and life better....for everyone.

Free 30-Minute No
Obligation Discovery Call

All our services start with a chat so please take advantage of our free 30-minute discovery call. 


Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring, when done right, are both powerful interventions, used for personal and professional growth.


Whilst they have similarities, they are very different activities and it’s important to understand them as separate entities. This will help you to understand what service it is that you need and what it is you are paying for – whether that’s coaching, mentoring or a very clear and agreed hybrid of the two.


Coaching in its purest form is non-directional. It is about creating a space for you to think, speak and be yourself without the need to apply a filter – because the environment is totally safe – it’s neutral, free of bias and judgement. A highly liberating experience when embraced.


A coach will be curious, ask questions, actively listen, paraphrase and summarise with the objective of enabling insight and learning in support of your goals.

Coaching can help you to see the wood for the trees and find the clearing. It removes the blockers, enabling you to take action to overcome challenges and achieve goals with greater confidence and clarity.

Life doesn't getter better by chance, it gets better by change.


Mentoring is when someone shares their skills, knowledge, experience and expertise in a particular field. This may mean giving advice, making suggestions, sharing experiences, providing feedback or having coaching conversations with you. All aimed towards your development and progress.


Typically coaching in its purest form would not contain mentoring, however mentoring may include coaching.

When you get to where you were going, turn around and help the next person too, as not so long ago that was you.


"Lucy is an exceptional Senior Leader. She inspires, coaches and develops teams. Lucy has an incredible ability to listen and challenge at appropriate points. A true professional."
Louise Parker
People Lead/HR Manager
Financial Services

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