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About me


My name’s Lucy Linn, I’m an experienced Leader, Coach and Mentor and the owner of Empower Coaching and Consultancy.

I am also a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend……and many other things to many other people.

I am forever a work in progress.


I am hugely passionate about what I do and about the difference I can make through the services I provide - not only to my clients but also to their friends, families, colleagues and communities…..coaching and leadership ripples.


At Empower we only create good ripples and the more people I work with, the bigger the ripple..….making work and life better for everyone.

Know the way, go the way, show the way.

I absolutely love to laugh out loud, laughter is universal, we might speak different languages, have different ideas about what’s fun but we all know what laughter means and I love that.


Having spent my career in a Corporate role, it was all a ‘bit too serious’ at times. I am very much an advocate for enjoying the lighter moments, we can take what we do seriously without taking ourselves too seriously all of the time.


Laughter brings joy which in turns brings success…..making work and life better for everyone.

Where there is little laughter, there is little success

Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

My fundamental core values are kindness and integrity. Closely followed by vision, purpose, learning, growth and laughter.


Knowing my values provides me a compass, it helps me to take make decisions and take action during times of uncertainty and living my values brings me joy and fulfilment.


Values are at the heart of coaching and conscious leadership.

We often live life on autopilot, like we are on a treadmill, just moving forwards in the one direction, waiting for life to take us onto the next thing….be it the weekend, the next holiday or even the next role ‘up’ in our Company. 


We rarely get off or take a step back, to look around and really evaluate where it is we are going and what is it that we want?  


I’ve learned from experience that life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so why aren't we fully living it? We're here for a good time, not a long time - right?


Do more of what makes you happy

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight but I chose courage over comfort and made changes personally and professionally enabling me to live and work in a way that was right for me, my values and my family.


I've always had a passion for leadership, I'd ask questions others didn't ask and challenge the status quo to move things forward, make things better and i've had some great leadership outcomes. I thrive on being part of someone else’s journey, using my skills, knowledge and experience to help others to become a better person and a better leader, helping them to achieve their own goals. 


I created Empower Coaching and Consultancy to make work and life better. I want to make a difference, to have a positive impact and create a ripple for good! That's my legacy. What's yours?

My Journey

Fifteen years management and leadership experience gained within HR and Operational Settings, providing me with a diverse set of skills.

A consistently high performer who moved from an entry level role to Senior leadership during a 22-year corporate career within Financial Services.

Having coached, mentored and led others formally and informally throughout my career. I realised that this is where my strengths meet my passion and I created Empower Coaching and Consultancy, enabling me to do this full time.

Having achieved my vision and exceeded my performance goals within this role, I began looking for stretch and challenge. This meant leading on Process Improvement, Diversity and Inclusion and several projects and initiatives across the wider function consisting of c650 employees.

In 2015 I moved into a Senior Leadership position where I spent several years as the only female senior leader within a team of men. I am keen to use this experience to support both male and female leaders of the future.

In 2011 I obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in HR Management, becoming an Associate CIPD member.

Led a highly engaged and high performing recruitment team, becoming an SHL Level

A & B Practitioner and a member of the British Psychological Society, trained to interpret Occupational and Motivational Questionnaire.

To support my skills, knowledge and experience, I am undertaking a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate and an ILM accredited Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. Both qualifications are due for completion in 2023/2024.

I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and I subscribe to the EMCC ‘s Code of Ethics (see

Making work and life better for everyone.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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