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We know that no individual, team or business is the same, we are all unique. All of our packages and programmes have been designed with flexibility at the heart so they can be tailored to best suit your needs and circumstances. We will meet you where you are at and partner with you to create something that will work best for you. We’ll discuss this during our discovery call.

We recommend undertaking the discovery session via video call but it can be done via telephone if necessary.

Please note that all our services are priced based on virtual delivery.

Should you require face to face services, pricing will be agreed based upon location.


Individual Coaching Packages

If you have never been coached before, the Wheel of Life will give you a flavour of what to expect by taking you through a standard coaching activity. We will look holistically at the aspects of life and work that are most important to you, how satisfied you are (or not) with these areas and what quick wins you can make.


Our Individual coaching sessions can be on a topic of your choice. This could be on an adhoc basis for some 'Just in Time' Coaching i.e. your experiencing a challenge now and are in need of support to find the right way forward. Or you may choose to book these in regularly to keep momentum and accountability (once a week, once month or once a quarter perhaps)


The six month package is recommended for anyone ready to make real change to fulfill their potential and thrive.


  • Feeling stuck, unfulfilled and in need of some direction and purpose? 

  • Feeling confused or conflicted and needing some clarity to realign to your wants and needs? 

  • Held back and playing small because of fear or lack of confidence when deep down you know you have more potential?

  • Looking to transition - a new job, a new career, start your own business or looking to return to work after a period out?*

60 minute Wheel of Life Coaching Activity


90 minute
Coaching Session 


6 x 90 minute
3 x 20 minute
Coaching Package 


*Can be tailored to suit needs and budget. Sessions to be used within 9 months.

*We believe that mums are one of the most untapped sources of potential in work and Society. We are keen to see mums return to the workplace with courage and confidence enabling them to fulfil their potential whilst maintaining balance in their lives. So for mums returning from Maternity Leave or career breaks due to family, our coaching packages come with a 25% discount. And if finance is truly a barrier to accessing our services, talk to us during the discovery call and we’ll see what else we can work out. 



If a programme doesn't 100% fit your requirements, don’t let that put you off, we are very adaptable. Book a discovery call to tell us more and we’ll let you know if and how we can help.  

The Conscious Leader Programme


This is a six month programme for supervisors, managers and leaders at any stage in their career who want to improve engagement, retention and performance of their team and their own work life balance. 


It will help you to lead yourself and others more consciously.


So whether you are new to leadership or highly experienced it doesn't matter, the programme will be tailored to you, meeting you where you are at and will focus on your personal goals.


I will partner with you, helping you to raise your self awareness, develop the mindset, behaviours and capabilities to move you towards the kind of leader you want to be and the working life you want to have.


Be a leader that makes a difference, has a positive impact and leaves a leadership legacy to be proud of. 


We’ll have inspiring, empowering and honest conversations. We’ll create a road map and use coaching and training tools and activities to move you forward. 


What to expect: 


  • Your very own personal cheerleader, coach, mentor, critical friend and accountability partner (I’ll be what you need when you need it as agreed with you)

  • Six one to one coaching sessions which we’ll co-create based on your needs. 

  • A 100% confidential and safe space with zero judgement so you can be your true authentic self - no need to filter! 

  • I'll share learning resources and materials relevant to your journey 

  • Action Plan enabling you to continue your journey to becoming a more conscious leader once the programme has finished.  

  • Laughter because "where there is little laughter there is little success"

** There are options to add on more support during the 6 months if required.

The Coaching Mindset Programme


This is a four month Programme for anyone interested in developing a coaching approach to their life and/or work. 


The ability to be able to show up to yourself and the situations you face with a coaching mindset can help you maintain perspective, remain composed and make better decisions. To show up to others with a coaching mindset makes you a better friend, partner, employee, manager and person. It’s a hugely versatile and transferable skillset for work and for life. 


This programme will introduce you to (or build upon) depending on where you are at some of the foundations of coaching. For example, raising self-awareness, improving skills such as listening and questioning, helping you to lean into compassion, empathy and curiosity whilst suspending assumption, bias and judgement. Making work and life better for everyone.





What to expect: 


  • A  100% confidential and safe space with zero judgement

  • The opportunity to be coached and practice coaching. 

  • Four one to one sessions which we’ll co-create based on your needs. 

  • Access to learning resources and materials relevant to your journey 

  • Homework, self-directed learning, practice and reflection

  • Laughter (and maybe even some tears and that's ok, all emotions are welcomed here)


Business Coaching and/or Mentoring Packages

You can purchase a set programme for an individual (see above)

Or you can purchase a bank of coaching and/or mentoring hours and use them flexibly to best support the needs of your business. Topping them up whenever you need to.

Talk to us about your needs, we’ll be able to let you know how we can best support and give you a price before you make any decisions.

Training for individuals and businesses

A series of bitesize workshops (60-90 mins) designed with coaching, mentoring and conscious leadership in mind.

Training can be designed to meet your needs, book a discovery call to discuss your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help and give you a price.



We know the importance that people have on the success of your business. Leadership and culture are critical components to having a thriving workforce and in turn a growing, resilient and sustainable business.  A win for everyone. 


If you are experiencing problems with engagement, retention or performance please book a free discovery call and we’ll let you know how we can help. 

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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